About McKim-zemi

I am McKim, an associate professor in the English Department of Kanto Gakuin University. I began this seminar in English filmmaking in 2008. As I write this in the summer of 2014, we have produced nearly 200 short movies in English, most of which are available on YouTube. On an average day, our movies get 250 to 350 views.*

Like other seminars of our department, we accept new 2nd-year members every year in October. If you are a 2nd-year student of the English Department, this website will help you understand what our zemi does.

Or, perhaps you are an old friend from Meiji Gakuin (明学). If you're looking for the Shiny Head Enterprises website, I'm sorry, but it doesn't exist any more. I'd like to hear from all of you at this address.

* Well, to be honest, many people who click on our movies don't watch the whole movie. But after all, this is normal for YouTube.