English Camp 2018 募集中!!




単位を取得しましょう! Yeah!

自宅~ホテルの交通費は各自負担ーーONLY THAT!
(横浜駅~2018 English Camp hotel = 2634 yen 往復 )


2018 Location: tdi 人材開発センター(湯河原駅から送迎バス約10分)


2 students share a room. (1 bed + 1 sofa-bed) Everyone shares bath and toilets.

Camp Activities (Photos from past Camps at different hotels)

Small-group English lessons!

All meals together, while speaking English!

Speech contest!

Drama Contest!

Frozen, Pokemon, 3 Little Pigs

English Games Night!

Awards Ceremony on the Last Day!

The best drama group members get a certificate.
The winner of the speech contest gets a trophy. (Congraulations, Rino!)
The "Most Active English Speaker" of the whole camp gets a trophy. (Congraulations, Naoya!)

国際交流演習III (English Camp準備講座) (春)

In this class, we prepare for the major events of English Camp, such as Speech Contest and Group Drama Contest.
It's 5th period, but sometimes maybe we finish a little early...

国際交流演習IV (秋) (実際は8月)

For more information (English or Japanese), send email to McKim, or visit マキーム研究室 (K-220) anytime.
Or talk to 先輩 who joined the 2017 English Camp! They will say "McKim is a very funny teacher"!

3 Short Messages from McKim

1. Everyone who wants to speak English is welcome to apply for these classes. Your level of English is not important, Your class (A, B, C, D) is not important. The important thing is, you want to use English.

2. The Spring Semester class is not quite 100% English. I WILL speak to you in English. But during some lessons, students meet in groups to prepare for the group presentation contest. In these meetings, students may speak Japanese. BUT...

3. ...At the real English Camp in August, EVERYONE MUST SPEAK ENGLISH ALL THE TIME! From the moment you enter the hotel until the end of Camp, you can't use Japanese.

I hope to see you in this class!

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