English Camp 2021

How to 履修登録 ENGLISH CAMP 2021!

Step 1: 4月8日4講時限、K-205教室で初日授業に出席し、先生に「申請書」を受ける
Step 2: 4月12日(月)13:15までに教務課窓口に提出してください。(締め切り厳守)
Step 3: 選考結果は4月13日(火)からはじまるWeb履修登録画面上で確認してください。合格者には木曜日4講時の欄に「国際交流演習Ⅲ(春学期)」と「国際交流演習Ⅳ(秋学期)」が表示されます。

NOTE from TEACHER: Please do NOT join this class if you don't want to come to school. This is a 対面授業!(Very 対面!)
We will meet on campus every Thursday in Spring Semester, and then spend 3 days together at a hotel in Summer.




単位を取得しましょう! Yeah!



2021 Location:


横浜駅から ¥3960 (往復) 交通費だけは各自負担

2021 Hotel

A very, very nice hotel!! Check it out! ↓


Camp Activities (Photos from past Camps at different hotels)

Small-group English lessons!

5~7 students meet in a room with a native teacher. Lessons focus on speaking & listening.
Your classmates and teacher change each time, so you can be friendly with everybody!

All meals together, while speaking English!
You can't escape from English Time!

Speech contest!

Native speakers judge you for your pronunciation and intonation and body language. The best speaker gets a trophy!

Drama Contest!

(Pictures: Frozen, Lion King, Toy Story)
In a group of 4~6 students, you make an original English drama from a famous story.
You memorize the lines and play it by memory in front of other members and teachers!
Groups are usually a mix of boys and girls.

English Games Night!

Action games, Quiz games, etc.

Awards Ceremony on the Last Day!

The best drama group members get a certificate.
The winner of the speech contest gets a trophy.
The "Most Active English Speaker" of the whole camp gets a trophy.

国際交流演習III (English Camp準備講座) (春)

In this class, we prepare for the major events of English Camp, such as Speech Contest and Group Drama Contest.
Day and period of the class are not decided yet.

国際交流演習IV (秋) (実際は8月)

For more information (English or Japanese), send email to McKim, or visit マキーム研究室 (K-220) anytime.
Or talk to 先輩 who joined the English Camp! They will say "McKim is a very funny teacher"!

"It's true! I'm so funny! Ha-ha-ha..."

4 Short Messages from McKim

1. Everyone who wants to speak English is welcome to apply for these classes. Your level of English is not important, Your class (A, B, C, D) is not important. The important thing is, you want to use English.

2. English Camp might NOT be a good class for you if ...
a. you are a senior doing job-hunting
b. you already speak English at a very high level (for example, you lived abroad for some years)

(Note: 100% of past English Camp students were 1・2年生)

3. The Spring Semester class is not quite 100% English. I will speak to you in English. But during some lessons, students meet in groups to prepare for the group presentation contest. In these meetings, students may speak Japanese. BUT...

4. ...At the real English Camp in August, EVERYONE MUST SPEAK ENGLISH ALL THE TIME! From the moment you enter the hotel until the end of Camp, you can't use Japanese.

I hope to see you in this class!

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